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20 Blowing Snow Photo Overlays 2020

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Blowing Snow Photo Overlays

With the 20 high-resolution snow textures, you wrap every scene in an atmospheric winter vortex. Just drag the billowing snowflakes on your photos and edit them by means of Photoshop and other popular image-editing software. Let the snow dance!

Snowflake images are ideal for New Year & Christmas magic. Give your photos a wintery look or create a freezing atmosphere in your compositions. The scene is not cool enough yet? Add the missing snow blast then! These snow textures will soon fall and dance in your photos interchanging from delicately shimmering and semitransparent flakes to sparkling white crystals. Prepared in PNG format, the images can be used with most image-editing applications. Get splendid shots of whirling snow and snowflakes from photography professionals and use them as an effect of blowing, overlay, picture element or background. For really cool festive pictures, these high-resolution snow textures bring frisky atmosphere of the forthcoming holiday!


♥ 20 photo overlays, PNG, Transparent Backgrounds, Size: 4000-2000px, 300DPI

♥ Compatible with any software that allows you to work with layers ( Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro, etc.)

♥ Note to the Lightroom users – please, make sure you have a plugin that allows you to work with layers.

♥ VERY easy to use ! Instructions step by step included.

Blowing Snow Photo Overlays

Blowing Snow Photo Overlays

Blowing Snow Photo Overlays

Blowing Snow Photo Overlays

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