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14 Seamless Pattern | Animal Activity – $9

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By: Ari Sandi
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Set of cute animal activity seamless patterns. Pattern Easy to make, easy to zoom in, made by color swatches. Good for wallpaper, print, pattern, fabric, Repetitive work, tile work, kids fashion.

Pattern consists of

  • The whale in deep blue sea
  • Elephant Skipping
  • Elephant and Circus Ball
  • Giraffe Scooter
  • Big Foot Hold Umbrella
  • Chicken Jumping
  • Bear Fishing
  • Turtle and Rabbit Racing
  • Raccoons Playing Golf
  • Cat Playing Skateboard
  • Rabbit Drink
  • Turtle Drink
  • Pelicans Fly Carry Bags
  • BONUS Cloud Seamless pattern

Easy to resize pattern

These some collection

Patterns and Textures

Who needs a design texture?

Each and every piece of art, regardless whether it is a statue, website or painting item has two or three aspects. Other than shapes, colors and size it also has specific qualities of the surface which is perceived by eye. When looking at the image we can say that it’s hard, soft, tough or smooth. You’ve now learned what a texture is.

Why on earth do you want a pattern?

The design pattern is a visual composition you can observe everywhere you go and each and every day. In fact your own house is packed with patterns, for example, on the wallpaper that decorate the walls of your home’s living room. The pattern is an element of the picture which is duplicated on to produce a large, symmetrical and geometric image.

Both textures and patterns are commonly used in art works. Website designers love to rely on them due to the fact patterns and textures are a great backdrop for a web page – they do not divert the guest but highlight the actual content of the page. Moreover, patterns and textures can be used for different style and design objectives (for instance, in interior design or architecture). It is too expensive to purchase them as a stand alone, which means that commonly they are offered in packages.

What’s a Design Bundle?

The design bundle is really a kind of collection or set of items. They are gathered into a “box” and are marketed collectively, as a single solution. Generally, there’s some theme or objective which combines the design items in a product bundle, but that is not required. The time, while the bundle is available, is very limited (up to 5 days) and that’s why the price tag for it is below what those items would cost when sold on an individual basis. Bundles are quite profitable and make it possible for web designers to save quite a lot of bucks.

Why patterns and textures are important?

If you want to use a trendy and attractive layout that will actually win over the viewer – never ever try to save money on materials and tools. Top notch textures or patterns could make virtually any design rock, for that reason avoid non-professional works. Inadequate color choice or low-res pics could very well wreck the look of the project.

What if the bundle does not carry all the products I need?

It might happen that not every package deal includes design elements you need and that is really common. Deals are packaged for different purposes and for a different style. Nonetheless, MasterBundles.com site features dozens of deals for each and every objective, so in the case a certain design bundle doesn’t contain all the items you want – you can check the others. There are so many of these, that it is almost sure you will find something suitable.

What other deals does MasterBundles sell?

MasterBundles site features a lots of textures & patterns package deals, both artificial and natural. Their cost varies from $4 to $19 and those design items are high quality, professionally created items. Having said that, textures and patterns are not the only design elements MasterBundles.com could provide you with. You can find ebooks, font bundles, photos, icons, logos, illustrations and mockups, and numerous other items. You can even find web templates on MasterBundles for a lower price!

What’s MasterBundles?

MasterBundles.com is a major market place, marketing packages of different design solutions. Everything you may want to set up a design job or a web page is offered here and you can get it for a lower price. MasterBundles.com has also got a blog, where you can get interesting info and most recent news. The lifetime of a bundle is very limited, so as to stay in touch and never miss out on the particular product bundle you want – subscribe for a newsletter and receive announcements regarding all the releases.

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