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100 Golden Lights Photo Overlays – $9

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$9 regular price: $36 - 75%

Give luster to your compositions!
Add glittering effects and glistening illumination to your pictures. Here you’ll find 100 textures with the sea of golden lights and a variety of shapes and textures: galactic bands of light, glowing nebulae and color-rich explosions of shimmering particles, etc.
Just put these JPEG files on your photos, pictures or texts, adjust the lights in shape, size or orientation – and voila! A burning fireworks display for New Year, a radiant viewing experience for your photos, a dynamic dancing swirl for a party, and cozy Christmas sea of lights are ready. Anyway, you can make something different and involve your imagination!
Illuminate your designs in just a few clicks: just drag them on your images via most popular graphics programs (Photoshop, Elements, GIMP, etc.) and simple as that! Expand your spectrum to a whole universe of color splendor, shape variance and structural diversity.
• for Photoshop https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wzUBejSo3Z0
• for PicMonkey https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBBVpe8jONk
• 100 photo overlays high resolution (5100x3450px – 300dpi – JPEG)
• Compatible with any software that allows you to work with layers ( Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro, PicMonkey, Gimp and etc.)
• Note to the Lightroom users – you need a plugin that allows you to work with layers. Or you can use free sofware as PicMonkey’s Photo Editor after editing your photo in LR.

Just what is a graphic bundle?

Can an artist draw anything from scratch? Mostly, yes. Should he? But for the most purposes, it is going to require too much effort and will never draw sufficient gain for him or her. For this reason the vast majority of web designers make use of pre-made graphics elements – incorporate these graphic components, adjust them and develop the design . Noone is going to buy these elements as a stand alone, that’s the reason why they are combined into graphic deals and sold as a singular product.

How can you benefit from using bundles?

The benefits of graphic package deals for graphic designers are usually quite obvious. However if you are a newcomer to them and now have questions, the following information and facts will probably be helpful for you. Including a multitude of the components within a single package, the selection gives you a chance to use different of them for many different projects. On top of that, the cost is typically cut down tremendously which allows you to stretch your budget, yet have the whole set worth hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Types of graphic deals

Since all of the bundles differ from one to another, each individual graphic designer will find the appropriate collection for any unique project. Exploring them you’ll discover the collections including UI kits, social media infographics, illustration swatches, business cards, PPT templates, and much more. On MasterBundles.com marketplace, you can find more than 450 graphic deals to select from. That being said, you’ll not have even a chance to get away from the site without a bundle or two.

Ways to spend significantly less funds on MasterBundles products?

Are you looking for a 5% additional price cut on any package from MasterBundles? What you need to do is merely share the page with a package on social media (Facebook).

Alternative Bundles of MasterBundles.com

Other than graphic design deals, you’ll find a vast range of various other design packages on MasterBundles.com. The packages of logo templates, icons and fonts are out there . They give limitless opportunities for the design of various projects. Additionally, you may find the entire offers of WP design templates, courses and e-books, resume templates, presentations, and various other components.

What’s photograph overlay bundles?

The graphic designers who like to use photographs are going to be especially happy with the photo overlays graphic packages. These packages consist of multiple design elements that can spruce up and alter the photos. Such sort of ornamental elements is often placed across the pics to create some new and interesting look. MasterBundles.com features a significant selection of bundles, full of photo overlay elements.

What is a watercolor package?

The watercolor graphics package deal is a package which contains pictures and illustrations made with watercolors. They will fit for a range of companies, like fashion, cosmetics, food distributors and perfume. Themed wedding invitations or cards is also constructed with this kind of package deal.

Defintion of Instagram templates packages

In the online and digital era, we devote practically one half of our lives within social networks such as Instagram. It doesn’t matter what objective we attempt to achieve using this network, we need to be noticeable in a huge crowd among a large number of identical profiles. Fortunately, with premium Instagram templates provided by MasterBundles, you won’t need to devote eternity creating the outstanding look of your page.


If you require infographics for the future presentation in any kind of market sectors from social media and marketing and advertising to medicine and schooling, the package deal is just the thing you have been hunting for. Using the infographics bundle you will find yourself saving your time which can be essential in terms of work efficiency. Each component is available in an independent file which may be edited in Photoshop, Illustrator or Keynote.

Precisely what is MasterBundles.com?

Whether you feel like you have lost track of time when researching different tools and elements for your design tasks, it is about time to explore MasterBundles.com. This is a marketplace providing the hottest instruments (graphics, icons, fonts, presentations etc.) for designers, marketers, and web developers at a reasonable price for a short period of time. Besides, you may use coupons and promotional codes for particular design deals. To not miss out on important updates about the future promos, we advise reading our blog and subscribing to the email newsletter.

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