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Tropics Leaves Monstera PNG Watercolor Set

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Tropics Leaves Monstera PNG Watercolor Set

Green tropical leaves watercolor set of 108 files. Ideal material for DIY, wedding invitations, greeting cards, quotes, blogs, posters and more.

This pack contains:

Frames | Borders | Patter

All illustrations highly detailed. Aquarelle elements could be used for background, texture, pattern, frame or border. Ready to print or use for anything you want. Full editable (size, colors, etc.). The possibilities of use are endless!
Elements are painted by hand and every image is a separate file. The graphics are a PNG file, 300 dpi, without background. Patterns JPG size 3500x3500px.
Thank you for choosing www.WatercolorPNG.com We are working hard every day to make the best products for design purposes.

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The watercolor package is considered to be the most beautiful development in artistic desgin. Hand crafted by designers on the a piece of paper, the images get scanned and included in a bundle as design templates for projects. Watercolor components are just excellent for wedding invitations, blogs and greeting cards.

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