UI Tips for Web Design Enthusiasts (FREE E-Book)

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By: veterochek February 8, 2017

First impressions are also important online. If your website does not create a positive impression on your audience, it is very unlikely that they will be back regardless of the content.

The guys from TemplateMonster have recently published a new ebook about turning a website template into a personalised website. To help you achieve that goal, this book covers everything a newbie needs to know about website UI.

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Table of Contents

PAGE 3 Intro: Design Meets Business
PAGE 4 Using Colors to Your Advantage
PAGE 4 Color Psychology
PAGE 6 Color Matching Tools
PAGE 6 Identifying Colors
PAGE 6 The Ten Commandments of Colors
PAGE 8 Finding the Right Font
PAGE 8 Font Psychology
PAGE 9 Identifying Fonts
PAGE 10 The Ten Commandments of Typography
PAGE 11 Finding the Perfect Navigation Style
PAGE 12 Pros and Cons of Hamburger Menus
PAGE 13 Vertical Versus Horizontal Navigation
PAGE 15 Other Creative Patterns
PAGE 16 Designing the Best Logo
PAGE 17 The Psychology Behind a Logo
PAGE 18 Finding Free Logo Templates
PAGE 19 UI Design Tips and Tricks
PAGE 19 Set Expectations
PAGE 20 Fitts’ Law
PAGE 21 Simplicity
PAGE 22 Facilitation of Decision-Making
PAGE 23 Final Words
PAGE 24 Sources and Further Reading

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Also, in case you’re going to build a new website or want to redesign your current one, check out readymade templates at templatemonster.com. Their online catalog hosts more than 26,000 solutions crafted by professionals.

Author veterochek
Author: veterochek