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Easily Customize WordPress Themes with No Code at All! – just $14

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CSS Hero is the ultimate WordPress plugin that can easily Customize your WordPress site.

Customizing CSS is a lifesaver for website designers out there. But when it comes to mucking around the look and feel of WordPress themes, it can sometimes be a real chore.

Not all WP themes are created equal, so you could lose precious hours just trying to decipher the code enough to know where to begin!

Lucky for you, there’s a WordPress plugin to make your life so much simpler.

The CSS Hero Interface

CSS Hero builds you a live editing interface to customize the look and feel of any WordPress theme. It’s a snap to use, offering you the ability to alter fonts, colors and loads of advanced CSS actions all from a simple point and click tool!

HeroReady Themes and HeroReady Plugins: Instant WordPress Lifechanger

Several themes and amazing plugins, some of them very famous such as Divi, Genesis, Visual Composer, OptimizePress and Xtheme, work with CSS Hero making the life easier for those who love using them.

Here you can find a list that is still growing:

Configuring Any Theme or Plugin in seconds

CSS Hero can be easily configured on any given Theme or plugin – simply declaring the selectors of the elements you want to edit. The Quick Configuration Tool and the Google Chrome built-in inspector (or Firebug) will be your friends!

Main Features of CSS Hero

Easy and Fast Editing: Editing WordPress themes can be a bit monotonous, confusing and time-consuming. Every theme is different so finding the location of various pieces can be tougher than it should be. But with CSS Hero, it’s never been easier or more fun to perform some deep CSS customizations.

Use your own colors: Use a color picker to experiment live color and background changes like never before or simply use the palette generator!

Live Device-Mode Edits: With so many different devices being used these days from smartphones to tablets, it can be a major pain keeping up with all the different coding pieces. But with CSS Hero, you can easily adjust and customize the way your theme looks on all sorts of handheld devices.

Work With Tons of Fonts: Tap into the power of Google Fonts and combine them with your native fonts sets, Typekit and third party font libraries. Simple and easy to mix in, you’ll have more than enough font choices to keep you occupied for quite some time.

Complex CSS Made simple: Building gradients, box-shadows, text-shadows and all the modern CSS properties is now a point and click affair. Spice up your site elements with Hover Fx, Shadows, Transitions, and more cool stuff!

Readymade Styles: The new version delivers the tools that will empower you to build a beautiful website in minutes. Readymade Styles will help you style the most common elements of your site – buttons, images, forms, backgrounds – in a matter of a few clicks. You can use hundreds of designs as a starting point, and we will constantly be adding more styles.

Theme Skins: (now available only for DIVI) If you want to completely redesign your theme, changing the theme skin is the fastest way to do it. These pre-made layouts will swap out the color scheme and fonts on the entire website in a blink of an eye!

Exportable CSS – No vendor lock-in! If you’re worried about being tied down with CSS Hero and looking to move to a different platform, put your worries aside. All the Hero-generated CSS can be exported with the click of a finger. You’ll get real solid and minified CSS code ready to export over to any other platform or source. It’s all about flexibility!

Undo is Your Friend: Every edit you make to your CSS is stored by CSS Hero in a detailed history list. You can easily go backwards or forwards through your history to undo and redo any of your edits. Bring on the mistakes!

CSS Hero Walkthrough (video)

What Is Web Template?

As you can see, in 2019, site templates are all over the place. Moreover, major players tend to make their sites with these trendy products. That being said, what is site theme and why do people actually need to have it? For starters, web template (or website theme) is a range of thematic layouts, modules, and user interface elements. The many pages a theme has are pre-designed and properly featured. At the same time, these ready-made solutions are flexible, therefore it is easy to edit each layout, every color, as well as every pixel without problems.

Speaking about the website templates, they are free of code as well. For that reason, a user gets his online project just out of the box without writing a single line of computer code. Furthermore, the package includes all the essential features (email subscription, responsive design, or search engine optimized code) and the modern design elements simultaneously. Furthermore, opening the package of a professionally made site theme, a user will find there top quality plugins. And these are only among other things!

Genuinely speaking, this kind of solutions are exclusive because of an integral page builder that enables you to adjust the web pages up to your branding or personal taste. If you’re on the lookout for a hassle-free way to set up an up-to-date site, this is what you really need!

What Is WordPress CMS?

For today, WordPress is among the most popular platforms to operate a website. This current year, WordPress powers just about 40 percent of all the websites, so why is it so widely common? To start with, WordPress platform provides its users with a totally hassle-free website creation process. You won’t need to have any particular knowledge to start up a quality website by making use of ready-made WP theme. These layouts can be used by computer users of all proficiency levels. To put it simply, using a WordPress template, you receive a proper What You See Is What You Get feel. By using it, it is possible to build web pages, style them, and tweak any detail without difficulty due to a built-in page editor. You can come across it in any WP design. Additionally, there is a live preview, so you will prevent lots of the frequent slipups.

Then again, WordPress platform isn’t just a solid platform to handle a site. It’s a place for top quality products for web designers. As you may already know, WordPress CMS also offers the users to take advantage of different absolutely free digital items. The list of these offers contains themes, plugins, typography, addons, and so forth. Anyone who doesn’t have a any experience can find various instructions available on the web. Finally, using the services of WordPress platform, you can find a theme for practically any kind of organization! It will include only the features your commercial website really requires and, surely, you will find some website design elements in the pack. Also, WP regularly provides its members with no cost updates that come with automatic set up.

What’s WordPress Theme?

First of all, all the high-quality WordPress Web Templates are usually known as themes. In fact, the largest part of such products is multipurpose. It means that you can easily run a wide range of online projects for different purposes applying only one theme. It can be useful not only for website owners but also for website designers too considering that you can build as many websites as you require. Referring to the technical side, WordPress web themes are simple-to-use, absolutely user-friendly and extremely simple in editing. So which options you can find downloading the pack of a WordPress template?

Naturally, the pack of a thoroughly picked WP template includes all the must-have functions. To begin with, your website needs to look perfectly on all devices, particularly mobile phones, because increasingly more users explore the internet on the go. This is why a template has to be responsive which means it’s adaptable to any screen dimensions. Secondly, there has to be a mobile-friendly design to make all the needed sections functional on mobiles. Thirdly, don’t forget that your website definitely requires such vital capabilities as crossbrowser compatibility and SEO-friendly program code. Because of the inbuilt SEO, Google, Yahoo, along with other engines will quickly detect your site among competitors. Lastly, contained in the download pack of premium WordPress theme, you will find a number of layouts for blog and portfolio to select from. These days, maintaining an up-to-date blog continues to be an excellent approach to establish reliable relationships with the audience. With its help, you can promote all the information such as upcoming giveaways and new products. In addition, there will be newsletter subscription possibility to keep your visitors interested. Obviously, you will get loads of readable typography and eye-friendly icons to level up your content and these are just a tiny part!

Surely, this year, you must have a handful of modern elements to stick out from everyone else. For these basic factors, these WordPress templates come with various sophisticated features. For instance, there are plenty of counters, (such as Countdown Timer that is a great way to spotlight a deal or sale) charts, accordions, progress bars, and more. In addition, WP web themes come with gorgeous visual effects. There’s a well-liked Parallax Scrolling effect, which lets you generate attractive and sleek backgrounds. By using the function, you will lead readers through the pages of the site in an interactive way.

Furthermore, all the high quality WordPress themes contain awesome plugins . They provide a website with pleasant and intuitive interface. It’s an essential point if you would like the site to be a go-to destination. There’s MagaMenu plugin, which allows website owner constructing appealing menus of any difficulty. Working with the function, you can the items or webpages using categories and subcategories if necessary. Among the other capabilities that will enrich the navigation of the site, there are such things as dropdown menu, custom sidebars, back-to-top button, CTA buttons, Ajax-powered page transitions, and many other things. In fact, these days, most of the WP templates come with demos, so its possible to take a look at them to understand how a layout performs in action.

What Is The Price of WordPress Web Templates ?

Normally, a WordPress theme with a single site license will be priced at about $60. Needless to say, the final price tag always is defined by the characteristics, user interface elements, and plugins that the theme comes equipped with. In regards to multipurpose WordPress web templates, each one will cost you ninety dollars or more. Even though these prices seem reasonable, you can spend less on purchasing a WordPress design. You may wonder how? For these simple purposes, take a look at modern bundles.

What Is Bundle?

Currently, item bundling is a trendy thing, so more and more well-known vendors start offering their products in bundles. So what’s bundle? In a word, product bundling means offering multiple products for sale. With it, bundle is a package consisting of several various items made for one purpose. To illustrate, in case you are going to install an online project, there are ready-made bundles that already contain such things as templates, typography, premium extensions, high-quality photographs, and many more.

Another obvious benefit of selecting bundle is its cost. In short, bundle costs like a few objects it contains. That’s the reason many folks might think that as opposed to the price of other products the price looks questionable. What is the key? Basically, bundle is at all times a limited time deal and that’s why it’s so cheap!

The Reason Why It’s Better To Buy WP Web Templates Bundles?

Basically, buying a bundle can be a time saver. Moreover, it is certainly comfortable for web designers because they will get all the essential goods just out of the box! Consequently, you won’t have to spend your time on seeking each and every product individually. Making use of these essentials, you will quickly create the needed web project.

Where To Puchase More Products?

If perhaps you didn’t see the needed goods inside this bundle, don’t hesitate to browse the gallery, as there are lots of other bundles. For instance, you can decide on items like CrocoBlock bundle, high quality WP bundles, or mega bundles. Also, MasterBundles collection also contains bundles with graphics, textures, fonts, mockups, presentations, images, and psd.

What’s MasterBundles?

As the title of the organization states, MasterBundles is a modern online resource that provides various premium digital goods for webmasters. Checking out the collection of the company, you will see numerous products that are packed in a form of a bundle. For that reason, you’re able to run the site without running out of funds. What is more, you will save money without compromising the quality of your website!

Plus, MB offers their visitors to apply unique coupon codes. Don’t hesitate to apply them to recieve a promo price! It can be up to 30% ! MasterBundles has an entertaining blog, which would be useful for anybody who needs to be aware of current news about digital solutions, the hottest tendencies, etc. In addition, MB team put up all the new offers in the blog, so don’t miss the boat! There’s a quick registration form in the bottom of the blog. Be sure to add your email address and be the first person to learn about upcoming sales and bargains