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Easily Customize WordPress Themes with No Code at All!

Date of Creation October 7 2016
Author Hasan Henal
Price $14
Rating: 3 (10 votes)
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They Trust Us


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CSS Hero is the ultimate WordPress plugin that can easily Customize your WordPress site.

Customizing CSS is a lifesaver for website designers out there. But when it comes to mucking around the look and feel of WordPress themes, it can sometimes be a real chore.

Not all WP themes are created equal, so you could lose precious hours just trying to decipher the code enough to know where to begin!

Lucky for you, there’s a WordPress plugin to make your life so much simpler.

The CSS Hero Interface

CSS Hero builds you a live editing interface to customize the look and feel of any WordPress theme. It’s a snap to use, offering you the ability to alter fonts, colors and loads of advanced CSS actions all from a simple point and click tool!

HeroReady Themes and HeroReady Plugins: Instant WordPress Lifechanger

Several themes and amazing plugins, some of them very famous such as Divi, Genesis, Visual Composer, OptimizePress and Xtheme, work with CSS Hero making the life easier for those who love using them.

Here you can find a list that is still growing:

Configuring Any Theme or Plugin in seconds

CSS Hero can be easily configured on any given Theme or plugin – simply declaring the selectors of the elements you want to edit. The Quick Configuration Tool and the Google Chrome built-in inspector (or Firebug) will be your friends!

Watch How CSS Hero Makes Any Theme Editable

Main Features of CSS Hero

Easy and Fast Editing: Editing WordPress themes can be a bit monotonous, confusing and time-consuming. Every theme is different so finding the location of various pieces can be tougher than it should be. But with CSS Hero, it’s never been easier or more fun to perform some deep CSS customizations.

Use your own colors: Use a color picker to experiment live color and background changes like never before or simply use the palette generator!

Live Device-Mode Edits: With so many different devices being used these days from smartphones to tablets, it can be a major pain keeping up with all the different coding pieces. But with CSS Hero, you can easily adjust and customize the way your theme looks on all sorts of handheld devices.

Work With Tons of Fonts: Tap into the power of Google Fonts and combine them with your native fonts sets, Typekit and third party font libraries. Simple and easy to mix in, you’ll have more than enough font choices to keep you occupied for quite some time.

Complex CSS Made simple: Building gradients, box-shadows, text-shadows and all the modern CSS properties is now a point and click affair. Spice up your site elements with Hover Fx, Shadows, Transitions, and more cool stuff!

Readymade Styles: The new version delivers the tools that will empower you to build a beautiful website in minutes. Readymade Styles will help you style the most common elements of your site – buttons, images, forms, backgrounds – in a matter of a few clicks. You can use hundreds of designs as a starting point, and we will constantly be adding more styles.

Theme Skins: (now available only for DIVI) If you want to completely redesign your theme, changing the theme skin is the fastest way to do it. These pre-made layouts will swap out the color scheme and fonts on the entire website in a blink of an eye!

Exportable CSS – No vendor lock-in! If you’re worried about being tied down with CSS Hero and looking to move to a different platform, put your worries aside. All the Hero-generated CSS can be exported with the click of a finger. You’ll get real solid and minified CSS code ready to export over to any other platform or source. It’s all about flexibility!

Undo is Your Friend: Every edit you make to your CSS is stored by CSS Hero in a detailed history list. You can easily go backwards or forwards through your history to undo and redo any of your edits. Bring on the mistakes!

CSS Hero is ready to help you! Only for a limited time, you can get a Starter Plan for a tiny $14. Make your life easier with CSS Hero – and save 50% of its original price!

CSS Hero Walkthrough (video)